Monday, July 09, 2007

Collection #1

I've always wanted to read a magazine with only weird shit in it. Like an Andy Kaufman of magazines. If there is such a thing and I've missed it - and how that is even possible that I have missed one since I am Queen Zeen - please send me the name of that publication.

Every day this week I'm posting pictures of some of my atypical collections. Here, I'll save you the trouble; I'm not normal. And by normal I mean boring.

One day I was holding a tie clip that belonged to my Dad. It was one of a few pieces of jewelry of his that I kept after he died in 2001. Another one had his initials, HA, on it but I gave it to my then boyfriend Elvis since he was a comedian. The one I was walking around with two years ago had the comedy and tragedy masks on it. As a kid I saw my father wear it with the matching cuff links that made up the set. I always thought it was weird that my Dad had something like that since he was a Colonel in the Army and also worked for the government. I see the tragedy in those two jobs, but the comedy? Not so much.

I don't know why I was walking around with this tie clip in my hand but I have no job so maybe the two are connected. As I stood over one of my desks wondering when my phantom maid was going to straighten it up, I absent-mindedly attached the tie clip onto the shade of a lamp.

And the rest is EBay history.I got rid of the lamp last year and was left with 56 bazillion tie clips. So I decided to put them on the curtains in my bedroom. The curtains are made of black leather so the tie clips clamp on nicely. I guess the next question is why I have black leather curtains in my bedroom.

Because I'm not normal. And definitely not boring.

End of chat.


  1. Ya know, in the old days gunslingers had notches in their guns for how many gunfights they won. Those look like medals. You wear ties ?

    Cool story.


  2. Hopefully those leather curtains are treated... some stains just don't want to come off untreated leather...

  3. Mickeys: I don't wear ties. I probably should start.

    D2: And you would know about those stains how???????????????

  4. Anonymous10:48 AM

    Are you up to a hundred yet?


  5. I passed 100 a while ago. But now I've stopped since they all don't fit on the curtain. And the lamps I have now have shades that wouldn't withstand the pressure of the clip.

    Some of them are remarkable. One's a working thermometer. One's a grand piano, which you can see in the photo.

  6. I haven't thought about tie clips in years. As a child I recall my grandfather and uncles wearing them. They would often give me their broken ones. I wonder if there are any men under 60 who even wear those anymore? Anyway, thanks for the memory.

  7. Michael, I haven't seen anyone wear them either but I wish some cool retro guy (hi Brian!)would bring them back.

  8. Anonymous11:30 AM

    Oh shit! When I moved last month, I actually put some fabulous tie clips in the Goodwill give-away box as I had no idea who in the world would have a use for tie clips. Now I will be doomed to try and find more for you....
    Martha Jane

  9. please tell me you can't sew- I can totally see you pulling a "Maria" from the sound of music and making yourself an all leather wardrobe out of curtains.

  10. Upon seeing the black curtains I thought, "Wow, are those leather? That is so hardcore!" And then you confirmed it. Rad.

    Also, I enjoy a strange magazine from time to time called "Found". They have a website with a "Find of the Day" section which always brings a smile or laugh. I'll let you decide for yourself. The Find of The Day bits are a great time waster, in case you're interested.

  11. Oh, and here's the URL:


  12. Hey Eva, I just checked out the Found website. It's a great idea but I want weird shit like couches, lamps, art work etc. Editors who lay out a magazine while on LSD or something like that.

    What's WRONG with me???????

  13. Perhaps ebay would be your best bet for browsing. Cuz I mean, for real.

    And btw, you DO need professional help with your addiction to DWT: Designers Who Trip.

  14. surcie8:22 PM

    You're an original, Suz.