Friday, July 27, 2007

McLoserstene #3

For those of you new to this blog, here's the deal on my friend McLoserstene. She hates the way she looks in photos. Even if you meet her in person she's usually wearing a bag over her head.

The above photo was taken at a wedding reception I hosted for two comedians. I designed a comedy club mock-up that went over a cake and hired McLoserstene to help me build it. The stage had a piano on it, the photos on the far wall are of celebrity comics and there's a red light and working clock on the back wall. The name of the club was The Chuckle Hut. (That's so inside I have no idea how to explain it) The bride and groom are standing in front of the microphone.
I won't begin to tell you how much this all cost me on EBay. And yes, McLoserstene is insane. Me? Not so much.

End of a model chat.


  1. I love miniatures and yours is very clever. What are the people made of? They don't look like the usual dollhouse people in the picture. Nice use of the book light. Mine never worked right as a book light.

  2. Who books it?....(a joke that never gets old)

  3. gm, I got most of them off Ebay as I recall. Ditto the furniture. All the picture frames,flower pots, newspapers and whatever else I got at a crafts store.

    Al, Joey Novick books that. Another joke that never gets old...

  4. Shit. I'm sure he triple booked it and the money isn't what he said.

  5. Which always brings me back to the time Colin Quinn and I got lost on the way to one of Novick's gigs and called him from a pizza place and said we'd been in an accident.

    It was the only time he was nice to me.

  6. mickey1:34 PM

    hey suz, you 're pretty good at design. I went to your other site.

    I kinda follow ya on the bookings, I used to be in a band(who aint); but I was a far too cool to be practical...

    You sure have a lot of energy/ambition for a doped out, drunked in, blond californite.../

  7. Mickey, gave up alcohol and drugs over 5 years ago. I was then so bored I started a redesign business. And who you calling blonde, Willis?

  8. Did I tell you I saw Novick recently? He was running for Mayor in some shit town in NJ and I was somehow involved in a show that was a fundraiser (without my knowledge). Same guy, only older, fatter and uglier.

  9. Al, I thought he already was a mayor somewhere.

    Older, fatter, uglier. That describes a lot of the comics we knew back in NY. Trust me, come visit LA and I can point them out to you on the tour.

  10. Anonymous1:31 PM

    I believe the full name of the venue was "Uncle Fucker's Chuckle Hut."
    Martha Jane

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