Thursday, November 22, 2007

Thanksgiving, What A Dumb Holiday

All that cooking. All that cleanup. Stultifying hours with the family. Small talk that would kill a coma patient. Casseroles that dead people wouldn't eat. And not enough alcohol in the world to make you want to live another day.

And no gifts?


You have 9 more days to get your Christmas Pets jpgs to me.




  1. But....but....there's PIE!!! You gotta love the pie.

    And just when I thought I wouldn't have to see those purses again.... Oh, my eyes!

  2. You mean you're not thankful for Thanksgiving? :) Won't that, like, bring you into some warp like in "Being John Malkovich"? Or something?

    Happy something Suzy. Yes, I guess I'm back.

  3. I will try again, blogger shut me down the with my first comment.
    Happy Turkey Day!
    I love to cook and eat and my husband feels the need to clean and we are playing a phenomenal drinking game. What could be more fun? Don't answer.
    I am planning a photo shoot for Saturday, hopefully the stars will cooperate.

  4. Kathy, God that line about the purses made me laugh.

    Dan, you're BACK!! Yay.

    gm, that drinking game is gonna end up with you taking pictures of 'grandma' dressed up as a reindeer.

  5. My family convo around the table included oral sex.

    You can't be bored with that. Nauseated, sure...but not bored.

  6. I will share with you our secret. We wrangle an invite to a friend's house. We come early and are in charge or drinks. We leave after pie having stuffed ourselves. It costs us a few bottles of vodka- but no clean up and all the stuffing we can eat.

  7. surcie6:57 PM

    Hosts and hostesses (hosti) must receive gifts. But too many guests don't know that. Born in a barn, I guess.

  8. Heather, please invite me next year.

    Eileen, smaaaarrrrrrrrrrrt!

    Surcie, I brought a giant Costco Apple pie and 2 bottles of Asti Spumante, because I asked the hosti what they wanted. What is wrong with people who don't know enough to bring a gift? I was given a gift of a plant to take home!

  9. It's a darn shame that I don't celebrate Christmas, because I could really use that purse!

  10. That's how thanksgivings used to be till the kids grew up (boring-my sister and i used to hit the bar prior to making an appearance)and now we run the show. we polished off seventeen bottles of wine. the nieces and nephews were drinking rum. everyone finally left yesterday. hope the rest of your weekend was good.

  11. Fuck I want that purse.