Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Na Blah Hell No

In the spirit of getting it to stop being supportive, I thought these topics might cripple help the thousands of bloggers who are making me feel guilty about not reading them every day looking for things to post for 30 straight days. Did I mention it was 30? In a row?

1. NaBlahHoMo – 30 days of pictures of Clay Aiken

2. NaBlahSchloMo – 30 days of posts by Hasidim

3. NaBlahCoMo – 30 days of Perry putting people into a CoMa

4. NaBlahD'oMo – 30 days of butler confessions

5. NaBlahDoh!Mo – 30 days of lines from a show that has jumped the shark

6. NaBlahEMo - 30 days of Fall Out Boy on repeat

7. NaBlahElMo – 30 days of puppet fisting

8. NaBlahAmMo – 30 days of shooting NRA members with their own guns

9. NaBlahSuMo - 30 days of making fun of fat Asians

10.NaBlahSloMo – 30 days of the same football instant replay

11.NaBlahGizMo - 30 days of annoying Gremlins’ references

12. NaBlahTitMo - 30 days of pictures from Juggs Magazine

End of Blah Blah Blah chat.


  1. Beckie6:57 AM

    Can we combine some?

    10 & 12 = 30 days of slow motion juggs jiggling (basically baywatch clips for 30 days)

    or 7 & 11 = 30 days of gremlins vs. elmo (will elmo be the top tickler?? tune in to see!)

    or 1 & 11 = 30 days of gremlins shredding/creatively destroying clay aiken pictures

  2. I'm sure some of these could stay afloat for a month:

    13. For the scatalogically inclined:
    14. In a similar vein, for those taking Alli:
    15. For lovers of a certain foreign car:
    NaBloYuGo, which could also be utilized to help those in #13.
    16. For gangsta rap music fans: NaBloMoFoHo
    17. Followed of course by Santa Claus fans: NaBloHoHoHo

  3. Very funny, I am enjoying Nablablabla, even though I have begun to need my glasses again.

  4. beckie, jami and gm, stop being funnier than me.

    Love the Alli one....

  5. Brilliant concept to get the ball rolling, Suzy.

    More fun and games....

    For Lord of the Rings geeks: NaBloFrodo

    30 days dedicated to all things mediocre: NaBloSoSo

    30 days of chastity over at: NaBloNoNo

    Chocolate lovers can blog at: NaBloCocoa

    Gang members can trade tips on how to avoid the cops as part of: NaBloFive-Oh

    And the NaBloHomo group is going to want to link to like-minded people who blog as part of NaBloToto

  6. OK, I've now linked this to my post on why I didn't join the blogging crusade.

    And Suzy, honey, don't hate us because we're funny. (I just realized that I could go off on a whole riff here about being born that way, having to ride the "special" bus, yada, yada ... but I won't.)

  7. Hey Mark, thanks for playing!

    jami, thanks for the link. I never (really) think anyone is funnier me. I is just a polite blogger!

  8. Ha! I am soooo sick of nablapomo or whatever it's called - who are these people, that think they have something to say EVERY DAY? Just wondering. (And of course I didn't mean you, comment reader, I was talking about someone else.)

    Also? Happy Birthday!

  9. Here I was going to wish you a happy birthday (although a bit late) and now I hear you are promoting Clay Aiken? Oh the shame.

  10. madmad, I'm losing my mind, I thought I already posted a comment to this but I don't know what happened to it. ANYWAY, I post 5 days a week and even I know I have nothing to say.

    Eileen, call me when Aiken comes out of the closet.

  11. Hands off my Elmo.

    Happy belated birthday, friend.

  12. surcie6:01 AM

    Man, I'm getting old. I had to look up Fall Out Boy.

  13. Puppet fisting? Effing brilliant.

  14. Rickey, I prefer to call it fucking brilliant.

  15. Puppet fisting is my favorite too. Going to NANOPULLMYPOSTNOW.