Monday, May 07, 2007

Nobody Likes Suzy

-My father called me Susan
-My mother calls me Suzo
-My sister calls me Snookie
-The first guy I was going to marry called me Possum
-The last guy I was going to marry called me Bunny
-The Doctor called me Q-Ball
-Elvis called me Q
-My friend Prinny calls me Pooz
-My friend Colleen called me Snooze
-Another friend called me Hank
-My friend Metia calls me Burl
-McLoserstene’s friend Kristin calls me The Distracter
-My neighbor Joe calls me Sue
-Last week my neighbor PJ called me Lady S
-Anyone else have this problem?
-End of chat


  1. Soo funny. Mostly I am mama or Heidi but in the past I was Heidi Ho, or if you were my friend you could just call me Ho. I used to like that.
    At work there is a guy who calls me Heidela because he is Jewish and he knows I am too. I don't like that at all.

  2. I have a Jewish friend named Wendy who always refers to herself as Wendela.

    She signs her emails with her phone numbers:
    xxx-xxx-xxxx Home
    xxx-xxx-xxxx Purse

  3. I am / have been known as Junebug, Pootwella (yes, this does have something to do with farts), Punkinninny (from a spoof commercial on Mr. Show), Jezebel, "Jeh," Goofy, Space Cadet, and Leroy.

    (The photo in your last post: too, too true.)

  4. ...then there's that guy in Florida who spelled it "Suzi!" Sorry about that. But if it inspired this post in some way, consider me a muse.

  5. Hey as long as youre not being called a bitch you're doing great. I just basically got called that by an online dork for saying no thank you- a diatribe. A long ass diatribe telling me all about my fatherless and husbandless existence. Idiot. By the way make up pics are up!

  6. Michael, Suzi is not a nickname. It's actually my name! Albeit spelled wrong...

    This post was just about nicknames.

  7. Surcie8:09 AM

    Elvis? 'Splain, please.

  8. He was the love of my life, the guy I talked about in Withholding Taxes #2. It's not his real name but he reminded me so much of Elvis. The thin Elvis.

    I don't use anyone's real name in my blog, unless you know someone named The Impotentate and McLoserstene and then I'll have to rethink all that.

  9. ok for some reason I thought Botox was like 1,000 a pop...but I found it it is like 300 for the area around the eyes today...I wonder what I will give myself for my birthday!!!

  10. ps- was the difference from that and restylene? do you know?

  11. Botox lasts about 3 months, depending on how much they give you and if they dilute it. It's injected in cc's. Ask how many cc's you get for $300. Also, make sure it's $300 for both areas. It's priced by area. So it might be $600. The area between my eyes goes for $200 but I've known my doctor forever and he also gives me 10% off so I only pay $180. But it only lasts 2 months on me so he prolly doesn't give me a non-diluted amount.

    Restylane is a filler. Send me your address in a private email and I will send you some brochures on both.

    How gay am I?? I have brochures at my house!!