Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Because We're Not Dead Yet - Part Two

All of these photos were taken by my friend Phil Nee, who is not only a standup comic but a photographer as well.

Phil Nee and Elayne Boosler

The amazing view of Los Angeles from Elayne's backyard

The Toast

Dave Edison, Charles Zucker, Billiam Coronel, Mike Rowe, Rondell Sheridan, Mike Dugan and down in front, Phil Nee. I know he got two pictures in one post but his photos, his rules.

Rick Overton manhandles the 'agent' through the mouth (where they deserve it). Keith Barany looks on approvingly, or is it longingly, in the background.

Wendy Kamenoff, Jon Manfrelotti and Billy Riback.

As you can tell from some of the pictures, all s.o.'s, gf's, bf's and spouses have been removed from the pictures. Do I need to know that you're all having regular sex and then publish it on MY blog? Don't think so.

On Friday, the last of the pictures, including the two hot guys and my arch enemy Jenée.


  1. OOH, I can't wait to see the hot guys!
    The view is beautiful and so is the pool.
    You know it is a good party when a guest molests the pinata.

  2. Can I request a preemptive veto on my photo? I already saw it and it sucks. Every photo you've posted shows people with other people (some had their partners snipped, but the hands-over-the-shoulders are still there as evidence) but you forced me to take my photo all alone, like I'm a loser nobody wanted to be photographed with. Maybe I am such a loser but I don't need it advertised to everybody on your mailing list. I don't think stealing from you the love of Ricky and George has made me deserve that.

    If you can't do me the favor of Photoshopping it so I look fabulous, I WILL Photoshop an image of you (to show the un-Botoxed you) and trust me, that will be the beginning of the mother of all Jihads. This is your final warning.

  3. First of all, you AGREED to be photographed alone. Did I tie you down to be photographed? NO. Did I give you photo approval? YES. Did you and I not look at the first one and agree it sucked? YES. Did you see the second one and say, "Well that's the best I'm going to look." YES.

    This is why you're my arch enemy, because you LOST Ricky and George to me and you can't LET IT GO.

    I'm going to photoshop Tanya Lee's body onto yours. How about THAT? OK, that was mean but TLee doesn't read my blog.

    I am now going to ask all my readers to vote on your photo to see if they think you look as hideous as you think you do. This shit is ON, bitch.

  4. Your blog is enjoyable!

  5. "Did I tie you down to be photographed? NO"

    If you do tie Jeneé down and photograph her, could I be one of the first on the list of folks who get THAT blog link...?