Monday, May 21, 2007

Because We're Not Dead Yet - Part One

After the Richard Jeni Memorial in March comedians decided it was a good idea to get together when someone had not died. Elayne Boosler, Rondell Sheridan and Suzy Soro present the First Annual Because We’re Not Dead Yet Party was hosted by Elayne at her home and co-hosted by yours truly and Rondell. It was the best comedy party of the last fifteen years and the only reason I know that is because I've been to all of those parties and they couldn't even compare to this one. Modest much?Maxine Lapiduss, co-host Rondell Sheridan and host Elayne Boosler

The invitation-only party mixed NY and LA comics along with catering from Kai’s European Catering and Event Design and lots of surprises. Richard Jeni’s best friend Len Austrevich generously donated copies of Rich’s specials Platypus Man and Crazy From The Heat as party favors. Circle of life tokens were also given out as well as one of Kai's nirvana inspired chocolate chip cookies which I ate at 4 a.m. because I'm trying to keep my weight down by eating in the middle of the night when no one can see me. What? That totally works.

Emo Phillips and Mike MacDonald, who are both clearly insane. Or high.

Two candy-filled piñatas dressed as AGENT and MANAGER were beaten to a pulp by a baseball bat. There was a lot of cheering.
A fake sign-up sheet on the door allowed us to pick our own 'spots.'Jerry Diner, Johnny Dark, Jamie Alcroft (from Mack and Jamie) and Scott LaRose sign up for their spotsElayne's pool designBeverly Mickens and Mike Ivy Jann Karam and Margaret Smith

Rondell generously donated a case of Richard Jeni’s favorite champagne, which Richard got in the Oscar gift bag when he was one of the writers for the Chris Rock-hosted Oscars.

L.A. comics Rich Williams, Ryan Stout and Tommy James. Does Tommy have breast implants?

Ant (in the background), Danny Kinsella, Ann Abeyta (she writes the top 10 movie list for my blog) and Billiam Coronel.

Richard Jeni's lovely and heartbroken girlfriend, Amy Murphy

My only regret is that I didn't take pictures of the interior of Elayne's house, mainly out of respect but mostly because I forgot. I've been to a lot of LA homes and Elayne has possibly the coolest house I've ever seen. The greatest mix of artwork, arcana and collections gathered over a lifetime of travel with a discerning eye. We should all have such a cool home.

More pictures to follow, including ones of the two hottest guys at the party and my arch enemy Jenée, who demanded photo approval over the pictures I took of her. You see what I'm dealing with here?


  1. This is the first time I've ever regretted missing a party.

    SO good to see pics of old friends (some of whom actually look old now!)

  2. Allen Enlow10:52 AM

    Ditto what Steve said. Sorry I missed this bash. Lot hair color changes. The last time i saw that much gray was at a FILL-IN-THE-BLANK convention. (Sorry I'm getting so old I can't even bother to finish my own punchlines).
    I'm looking forward to more photos..great to see those faces!

  3. Anonymous11:31 AM

    This party flipping rocked! My favorite thing was Rick Overton smashing the pinta two feet from a sliding glass door with a louisville slugger.


  4. I love it. Abeyta the Mexican can't spell pinata.

  5. ok so do you just piss your pants laughing your ass off at these parties? How fun!! I'd hate to go because ever since I gave birth I can literally pee myself if I laugh too hard...(not that I would have been invited anyways)!
    Looks like a blast- loved the piñatas!

  6. Anonymous6:34 PM

    Uh, that's cause we never had them when I was growing up because we were poor. We just threw rocks at each other.


  7. Again, looks like so much fun. Jealous? Yes. I can't wait to show E the pic of Rondell, she watches Thats so Raven, and knowing someone who knows someone she watches on TV goes a long way with mama credibility and respect with a 9 year old!

  8. Ok I'm making my plane reservations so that you can see the results! LOL- I wish. Now listen I was thinking about this today- you should post videos of your performances so we can all seeeeeeee! or do you just hate watching yourself on tv? come on- i tried searching on you tube but nope. :(

  9. Surcie tried to get me to do the same thing. See how far she got?

    If I can ever figure it out, I'll upload my TV clips, maybe even a set. But first I have to set my hair on fire.

  10. Anonymous11:09 AM

    Great to have these pictures of a truly memorable evening. But your captions and commentary really make them pop!!
    Keith Barany

  11. surcie7:16 PM

    Fun party! I'm so impressed with myself right now because I recognize a lot of those people's names. . .Back in the '80s, Rondell performed at my my lilly-white, Southern Baptist-affiliated, tiny private college. He was quite funny but didn't get much of a response from the crowd. I've always felt bad about that (because I'm co-dependent or something) and am glad that he moved on to bigger 'n' better things.