Friday, April 01, 2011

If You're A Las Vegan Does That Mean You Gamble But Don't Eat Meat?

I'm thrilled this person bought one of my teeshirts. (And no, it's not the dog) (although the day dogs learn to shop I'm going to buy one) (for food shopping)  He's been a faithful follower and commenter for years and I’m so happy to shout him out.

He's a computer programmer who lives in Sin City, Las Vegas. I've always wondered if Las Vegans hate the term "Sin City" as much as New Yorkers hate "The Big Apple." L.A. is "The City of Angels" or as one online article called it, "The City of Angles." If you ever see anyone doing geometry in Los Angeles, rest assured it's only because they missed their connecting flight to China and are not trying to show us up. (maybe)

This is his dog Buster. Buster’s 21 years old, only has one eye and due to cataracts is almost blind in the other. He’s almost deaf as well, but still navigates around their house fine. They hear him wandering down the hall, bumping from one wall to the other hitting his head as he walks – thump – thump – thump – until he finds them.

Which reminds me of my youth and the many drunken nights I spent with people whose names I can't remember.

Ah, the good ole days.


  1. We kind of like Sin City. No problem there, as long as you come by and leave your money behind.

    Thanks Suz

  2. aw, poor buster! what a cutie :)

  3. 21 years old! My 16-year old beagle is looking younger to me right now.

    Las Vegan is going to crack me up all weekend.

  4. God love him 21 yrs old.

  5. I am generally not a fan of dogs, but, like you, I see myself in this one. If he had on darker eyeliner and smoked, we'd be twins.

  6. I like Las Vegas. And I don't even gamble. (Not with money anyway.)