Thursday, December 16, 2010

The 4th Day Of Christmas

This is a picture of comedian Lisa T. She made gingerbread houses every year at Christmas and passed them along to agents, bookers or anyone else in Hollywood who had helped her career.

Of course it couldn't top what I gave these people at Christmas: Indigestion.

I went to her apartment one day while she was assembling the houses and they were really spectacular. I noticed there was one that sat apart from the others. She called it her practice house. It looked good to me but she said it had lots of mistakes on it. There are no mistakes in candy, Lisa.

I asked her what she did with the practice house and she said she saved it for someone she didn't like that much.

So here's Lisa, a week later, having forgotten what she told me about the practice house, giving me the practice house.



  1. I like your friend – she's funny! At least sure hope so!

  2. Haha! Fucking right, look at her smile.

  3. Jeez, Hollywood really IS tough. Even at Christmas!

  4. Funny!!!

    Thanks for the out loud laugh, Suzy Soro.

    You are the best, and always come through.

    I love you, Suzy Soro.

    You're a good person to know in life.


  5. Ha! You could have wrapped it up like a fruitcake and regifted it back the next year.

  6. So funny! You bring a smile to my sad little face every day!

  7. No no, she meant OTHER people she didn't like!

  8. Hahahaha. So did you get sick off it? Or did you regift it?

  9. Sounds like you have the perfect gift for re-gifting. Love it!