Thursday, July 01, 2010

Is It Warm In Here Or Is It Just A Hot Flash Going Off?

The Universe is punishing me for being lazy. After mentioning in my last post that YOU HAD TO LEAVE YOUR EMAIL IN THE COMMENT ITSELF SO THAT I DIDN'T HAVE TO TRACK IT DOWN IN YOUR BLOG, the one person who did not do that - ALICE - won the bloody shoes!!

(Email me, Alice, and send me your snail mail so I can send you the shoes. I'm not really mad.) (Much)

Anyway, next week? Another pair of shoes.

I love the creativity of all you Teeshirters. It's July and I finally gots me a man!

Casey Freeland can be found writing over here. Or catch up with him on Facebook. He's been a faithful reader and for that alone he should get an award. Oh wait, he did. MY TEESHIRT!

If you want a month's free advertising on my sidebar, just buy a shirt. And even though that doesn't make the advertising free, it's almost free because really, $20.00 for an entire month?

And to think I'm fighting with the state of California because they think I have a job and make money off it. Yeah, $240 a year is a windfall, California. Better get on that Taxing Trolley and roll down my way. You can't miss me; I'm the one living on the sidewalk. With a sign that says:

"Will Blog for Nothing. Oh Wait, I Already Am."

Even though I don't drink I feel drunk.


  1. Casey, are you OK? Your head is on backwards!

  2. His pic is kinda reminding me a little of my FAV show TRUE BLOOD!
    Yes, last scene with Bill's maker's head on backwards...
    well kinda?

  3. I'm waiting to be down another size before I order the shirt--then it's a month of advertising for me!

  4. Ha! Now that would make a great T shirt "will blog for free. Oh, wait, I already do."

    Are you SURE you don't have to guard your ideas???

  5. I am putting the shirt on the dog. Will send it ASAP.

    (Of course now HE'LL have to wear a disguise...)

  6. Hey, I worked for that shirt... well "work" is a strong word. But I did make you one killer "bite me" logo.

  7. Wait, you don't get paid for this? Sorry, looks like your agent didn't do too much for you on this gig. Want the name of mine?

  8. Anonymous12:33 PM

    Even though I drink I don't feel drunk. X David

  9. Are the men's tees imprinted on the back? I was hoping to see some pecs.

    Even though I don't shrink, I feel shrunk. Must be the humidity out here in the Sunshine State, which is a frizz-faced lie because it rains all the time.

  10. Stopping over from Casey's-- He's the best! And that's a nice tee shirt!

    And the State of California-- don't get me started. What a mess. Grrrr.

    Have a great weekend,

  11. OMG. I want to make a SurferWife shirt. How fun is yours?!?!

    I want one. If I run a 5K do I get one for free?

    And how effing long are you going to keep me in suspense?

    You KNOW what I'm talking about.