Thursday, July 08, 2010

And The Winner Is!

Next week will be too busy for me to do the final shoe giveaway so I'm just going to give them to a reader who entered the previous 3 giveaways and didn't win but kept on trying. I like people who don't give up. So congratulations PAM!! I hope you like pink shoes!! (send me your snail mail)

This week's winner is one of my favorite readers, Jenn, and I couldn't be happier that she won those lime green Steve Maddens. She is ALL about the pedicure and on her blog she often puts pictures of her Girl Meetups and the shoes they wear.

So here are the pink shoes. They've never been worn! Of the 4 pairs of shoes I've given away, it's really hard for me to believe I never even wore two of them and only wore the other two a few times. I went through my closet and found 2 pair that I haven't worn in a long time but found I could wear now. They have thicker heels and I'm resigned to the fact that I can't be fashionable in shoes anymore. I could have worse problems.


  1. SURELY you've got a pair of Dansko's in a 6 laying around SOMEWHERE.

    My knees would thank you- and so would my wallet..

  2. where's my cowboy boots? :O lol

    wv: unifulin

  3. I'm with vodkamom....gotta any Dansko's? But I may need anything you got in a couple weeks, if my shoes aren't release from German customs.

  4. -->Thank God your "model" has painted toes. I shudder seeing naked toes in the summertime.

  5. If you need me I'll be outside waiting by the mailbox!

    Those are just the shoes my pedicure deserves!

  6. such pretty shoes and perfectly pink toes. wish my canoes could fit into those shoes. i'm a size 10. have a great weekend and take care.