Thursday, May 13, 2010

Why We Should Get Paid For Living And Making It Through Even An Hour Without Anti-Depressants

In the Why You Don't Always Get Compliments From Your Friends Department:

A lack of enthusiasm from a person is used to make this person appear to have an air of authority and render you insecure.

In the Gee I'm Glad They're Not Writing About Me Department:

Upon watching him lose his wife and his health and his golf game and now his swing coach ... Woods now faces a daunting and scary future as a potential golfing cripple.

In the Stop Trying To Control Your Life Department:

Though Jacki craved a KFC Double Down chicken sandwich, Gilbert wanted to stop at a Mexican restaurant as he drove home from jury duty in downtown Los Angeles. But he balked at the parking fee, so he ended up at a barbecue joint, where he also picked up 10 lottery tickets for good measure. He told KNBC that he picked the numbers (and won $266 million dollars) at random.

In the Maybe Socialism Is Better Than Capitalism After All Department:


  1. maybe i need to be american to get the picture here... or maybe i just haven't had enough coffee yet:)

  2. The toothpaste aisle can be a bit overwhelming.

  3. The toothpaste aisle makes me weep.

  4. Anonymous7:51 PM

    I am most disturbed about the early reports that said the newly minted millionaire wife wants to keep working. She obviously needs major meds if this is true.

  5. toothpaste i buy, that's discounted when i'm there...

  6. I think I echo Robyn's remark and maybe will get that coffee now!!!

  7. Thanks for reminding me that I'm out of toothpaste.

    And I just got home from the store.




  8. Speaking of capitalism, I want that DAMNED 't' off my profile picture.

    Please advise.


  9. What's interesting is Gilbert balked at the $8 parking fee to get the Mexican food he really wanted and then made the decision to get BBQ, which nobody wanted, and drop then $10 on the lotto. While Gilbert came out way up in this deal, his decision making skills are still in question.

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