Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Does Anyone Have The Exact Date Of The Apocalypse?

Today I heard a huge Bang. Boom? It was incredibly loud. I was lying down watching TV and jumped straight out of my bed. I assumed it was an earthquake. Or the shuttle reentry. I went online, asked Twitter if they heard it, checked all the news stations. No earthquake, no shuttle reentry. No Nothing.

For the rest of the afternoon I thought it might be one of my usual visitations. My Neighbor and I had discussed odd things happening around our building lately. One guy had a visit from what he called a Harpie Ghost. My Neighbor said that 2 days ago he knew there was a presence hovering around his bed. After I reminded him of all the crazy stuff that goes on over here, he decided to research the noise I, and apparently no one else in my building, heard.

My Neighbor forwarded me this email he got from one of the experts who monitor these things. Whatever these *things* are.

"At about 16:20-16:30 MDT a large seismographic reading hit almost every station in the world. I called the USGS Alaska Science Center in Anchorage and spoke to one of the scientists. He wasn't aware of the event and I had to send him the actual seismograph website. He wasn't sure what in the world is going on and sent it to his superiors for further analysis."

I wish it had just been one of my ghosts. Them I understand.


  1. Sure it just wasn't that big metal lizard from your lobby dancing on your ceiling?

  2. You'll let us know, right? B/C so many of us out here have no life to speak of, and so we turn to you to see what the living are up to.

    Signed, your own personal ghostie lady

  3. Wow.

    So this is all part of the build up to 2012, when the world goes through a massive change? Or destruction?

    Would be nice to know what is happening to our home among the cosmos...

  4. The apocalypse and the end of the world? Big deal. Try living with two screaming hormonal teen girls. THEN you'll know what apocalypse really means.

  5. lol@suzy ;)

    likely a sausage maker :P

    btw - posted a ziggy cartoon for ya today!

  6. I imagine the end will come two days after I win the lottery.

    I hear noises all the time around here, but with four cats and a seven-year-old boy, that's hardly a surprise. Silence would be more worrisome.

    I'm spending the weekend taunting protesters in Baton Rouge. Hopefully I won't be arrested for being weird or something. Wish me luck, eh?

    Shade and Sweetwater,

  7. Did you hear about that kid who almost got hit by the laptop that fell from the helicopter? No joke. Maybe some fly boy dropped his iPad.

  8. Is there anything connecting the apocalypse to oil spilling out of the ocean floor with no end in sight?

  9. -->I heard a sonic boom in Virginia Beach last year but luckily, I wasn't alone.
    Here is the news article on it.

  10. when exactly was that? b/c remember that date I had a few weeks ago? could it have been me celebrating?

  11. Isn't it weird how so many "experts" live in trailers and pee into coffee cans?