Saturday, June 30, 2007

A Gift For The Weekend. You're Welcome.

My friend Dave Edison came up with these buttons and sells them at Cafe Press through his website, Crappco.

The name says it all.

The button is royal blue, the psychedelic colors in this shot were added by my scanner and Frank at HP who didn't comprehend the word 'Lavender.'

End of chat.


  1. i find a lot of men are color blind- the mover that came he was telling me about booking during the purple time and i said dude, that's blue...he said purple, blue all the same- i said no it isn't...there are tons of shades of purple and tons of shades or blue- mind you they are kinda next to each other in the color wheel but that's like saying blue and green are the same...he just looked at me and said yeah ok whatever you say- he must be married.

  2. Jane, you had to read the Frank link and then it will become clear what was wrong.

    It was not because he was color blind.

  3. xcuse me. forgive me. my mind is off on tangents all day - actually all week, so cut me some slack ok? ok. we're all set :) where's that thing i left around that place?

  4. hey what happened to stefanie? she's gone!!