Thursday, May 24, 2012

Did The Louvre Call While I Was Out?

These 20" by 25" prints took me 4 days to hang because measuring centimeters and using rulers is not my strong suit. I'm one of those "eyeballing it" people. I'm pretty sure "eyeballing it" people are not hired to hang paintings at The Louvre. But maybe I'm thinking of the Getty.

I did learn that if you hang these gallery style, which is the only way I can hang paintings because I always have more of them than wall space, START AT THE TOP AND NOT WITH THE ONE ON THE BOTTOM YOU NUMB SKULL.

In my old apartment, I just filled in the blank spaces with whatever painting I bought next. But this apartment had all blank walls and was a nightmare to figure out. I have over 50 paintings. And that many bottles of Xanax. Thanks to Adventures In Eyeballing I now have to go on EBay and purchase a new pair of eyes.

The little car that sits on top of the mugshot print was from my Dad's collection of cars. I didn't keep a lot of them, gave most away to the doormen in his apartment building in Florida, but this one from the 1950's was small enough to bring back along with a toy Jeep. Dad was in the Army and the Army phased out the Jeep in favor of the Humvee in 1985.

I also brought back a toy Thunderbird, which is the car my Dad drove.  Not the toy one.  This one is from the 1960's.

I ended up giving Dad's 1978 car to a woman whose husband died and then their car died within 6 months of his death. She was 5' 1" and a thousand years old and Dad's V-8 Thunderbird was as big as a one bedroom apartment and was used as a tank in World War II. So I contributed to the Florida stereotype of the little old lady hunkered over a large steering wheel and driving 16 miles per hour. I apologize for that.

And for you eagle-eyed readers, yes I moved into my new apartment on July 1, 2011. And yes I'm aware that a year is a very long time to decide where to hang paintings. But you should see how long it took me to decide where the underwear drawer should be.


  1. LESS than a year - that's remarkable! We tried doing it that soon and almost ended up in divorce court.

  2. I spent a good amount of time with paintings just leaning against the wall, so I understand.

    Frankly, I will be smiling at the vision of the little old lady driving the one bedroom apartment around town all day. Awesome.

  3. Trust me, there are still plenty of them leaning against the walls. PLENTY. Also in the closet and I still have a box of them I haven't unpacked. DEAR GOD.

  4. Oh, man: we are the same.

    Shamefully I tell you that we moved in here six years ago and there are still unpacked boxes in the basement.

    I've got something , what is it: oh. yeah. I don't careitis.


  5. Empress, and people wonder why I lived in my old apartment so long. Because the unpacking? Oy.

  6. don't feel bad. I moved into my house when I was 8 months pregnant and I'm still not fully moved in. That baby is now 14!

  7. I moved into my apartment over 2 years ago and just decided last week that I'm going to stay in this city a little while longer and can actually break down the boxes. I said I decided that I can. I didn't say that I've actually done it yet.