Saturday, May 12, 2012

Breaking (Up) Bad 7

Another reader submitted story on break ups. When is it time to leave?

Over my last few relationships, I've learned a few things. I'm glad to report that I haven't made the same mistake twice (yet) however, it seems as though I have my share of lessons to share- I wish it were more simple than having to go through these experiences and avoiding a whole lot of embarrassment and heartache. So what kind of things made me realize it was time to 'pull the plug' you ask?

- When you realize the person you are dating calls his mom 'mommy' out in public and he's more than 7 years old. When I asked him why he couldn't call his mother 'mom', he snapped at me and said it was the way he was raised, to just leave it.

- When out on a skiing/snowboarding outing, we stopped at a Mexican place for dinner and on the way home he has to pull over and take a shit on the side of the road. Yes I looked, and all I saw was this white ass, moving from place to place, apparently marking his territory. But the doozy here is that I went out with him one. more. time. Until..

- All along he made it seem like he was this big hot shot, we go to his apartment one night and out peers this woman out of one of the rooms...his maid? NO. His mother. He was in his 30s. Enough said.

- This one guy had made all these arrangements to take me to a beautiful beach resort. It was gorgeous. We were trying to get busy with it and don't ask me how I found out but apparently going #2 and wiping his ass were not necessarily two things he did that went together. Call me a cab so I can hightail it out of there.

- Then there was another one, oh so vain. I really did like the fact that he took care of himself so well, until I walked in on him plucking his nose and ear hairs. I'm all for cleanliness but don't do it where a significant other can see you do it because after that? the mystery is gone and all I could see were hairs populating every single nook and cranny.

-Then there's one that was always a doozy in my mind...him picking his ex-wife's side over mine. More than once. Why didn't I run away faster is beyond me. Doormat, nice to meet you let me take a seat next to you.
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  1. Anonymous10:32 AM

    Most of the men in those stories sound quite pathetic, and I genuinely feel sorry for you for having to experience a relationship with them. However, breaking up with a guy because you walked in on him picking his nose hairs? I can't imagine how miserable HE must have been dating such an anal, uptight woman!

  2. I have amazing break-up stories, but they're really stories about me being dumped. So I'll keep them to myself.


  3. lol... nuff said!

    i'm back... new look, same old shit