Thursday, June 24, 2010

And The Winner Of The First Wednesday Shoe Giveaway Is

You read that title right. The first winner. I've decided to give away shoes for the next three Wednesdays. I'm not going to wear them and I'm tired of seeing them languish in the closet eating me out of house and home.

Which p.s. is one of the most ridiculous sayings in the English language. Aren't house and home the same thing? Or how about Niecy Nash saying "Hand over foot" on Clean House when the expression is "Hand over fist?" Or how about the ridiculous Butt Naked instead of the actual phrase, Buck Naked? I know, I know, shut up and deal.

And yes, I watch Clean House. Now you shut up and deal.

There were a total of 16 entries, out of 27 comments total, for the black and white Westies.

I listed them in the order in which they were left. Then I set up a randomizer and the lucky winner is number 9, Amberdawn! (Send me your snail mail; my email is in my profile. Also? I really want to call you Deltadawn and dear God in heaven I hope you're old enough to get that reference)

But there are 3 more Wednesdays of free shoes during which time the shipping and handling will probably wipe me out but don't worry your pretty little heads about that since I AM RICH. (Affirmation of the day)

And if you win a pair, you cannot enter again because I'm a big fat meanie.

I've always believed that the more you give, the better you feel. So if you're in a position to give, please do. Take those shoes and turn them into a thousand pairs of shoes. Start a school in Africa to teach deserving shoes that can't afford a decent education. Send those shoes to BP with a note: Kick your own fucking asses, morons.

Your friend,

Oprah Winfrey


  1. 3 weeks of shoes???


    I'll just sit here, and wait, with the laptop on my lap, waiting for the chunky necklaces to fall down from heaven.

    Happy for the ones with pretty feet.

  2. If the shoes would fit my wide little hooves I would enter the contests in an instant. Alas, my peasant feet do not comply with hot footwear.

    (my word verification is Belocomo -- which sounds like a brand of Italian shoes)

  3. I want the shoes with the sharpest, I mean HIGHEST heels.

    I don't care what size they are. They'll be a perfect fit.

  4. at least your ankles still LOOK good, those are your ankles right?

    I think you need a trip to NYC to shock your system, when?

  5. Anonymous7:46 PM

    You're such a bad ass, Oprah. She's so rich she probably owns a piece of BP if not the whole effin' thing!!! NOT

    How come I never get cute verification words?

  6. No, please, I really don't want to see Uncle Buck naked. (a few other people however . . )

  7. Anonymous10:10 AM

    I noticed you received a respectable 27 comments on your shoe giveaway post but you attained a staggering 33 for merely posting a pic of yourself with your red leather snakeskin pants around your knees.
    Just sayin. X David

  8. I lol'd at the BP comment.

  9. You have the BEST giveaways.