Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Ghosts Over Suzy

Longtime readers of this blog know I have ghosts around me. My Dad was the first person I ever told that I believed in reincarnation and he told me he did also.

What I now recognize as my first visitation happened in New York City in the 1980's. My Russian grandfather was in critical condition and lay dying in a Paris hospital. One day I was leaving my bedroom and when I rounded the corner, I heard a crash. I turned around and saw that a picture of him had fallen over. His picture was next to a clock and I noticed the time. My mother called the next day to tell me he had died. At exactly the time the picture had fallen over. I knew he had come to say goodbye.

Below is a picture of me and a friend taken in my apartment. I appear to be strangling her with IHaveNoIdeaWhat. I'm also holding a dish towel. I am clearly not normal.

Sidebar: I'm wearing my fabulous snakeskin Guess jeans that I still need to lose 4 pounds before I can get into them again. When I find the person who invented food I will KILL THEM DEAD.

The white spots in the photo are only on me, not my friend. On the entire roll of film this was the only picture affected.

So many of these things happen to me that I wrote a book called His Dead Wife. It has no ending.

I've chronicled in this blog how both my stereo and bedroom TV often turn themselves on and off. Usually in the middle of the night, forcing me to get up and retrieve a very large manly man hammer out of my tool box. GHOSTS HAVE A SENSE OF HUMOR.

I think I've talked about some of the things that happened in Florida, both before and after my Dad died. It's all in the book but I can't remember what's exactly in this blog.

I may also have mentioned that when I was 4 years old I had an imaginary friend with a very unusual name. A name so odd that my parents asked me constantly who the hell was I talking about? As an adult I found our family tree and discovered the name had belonged to a female relative, now deceased. I knew her from the other side. Of that I'm very sure. And I've never heard the name again.

These are just the stories I can sum up in a sentence or two. Most of them are way more intricate and way, way more creepy. Over the last 20 years, besides my grandfather, I've had visitations from my Dad, my dog, one of my stepmothers and of course, His Dead Wife. And others. I'm sure there have been others.

I'm used to it. And I'm not the only one.

I now know that major electronic activity around me precedes certain events in my life that I can't mention here on my blog. Maybe one day I can, when it all ends, if it ever ends.

I wish I could talk about it. It's exhausting keeping it to myself but others are involved so...


  1. It is good to talk about these things. Your discretion is also a great trait. Especially when others are involved.

    I know these things are real, and still feel awkward at times talking about them, only because I don't want to be thought of as mad.

    Might be too late to worry about that anyway...


  2. Anonymous4:22 AM

    I totally believe in all of this and have only been visited twice. I'm still a novice. Darn.

  3. i believe in you and your special gift. i believe in ghosts and my father's childhood home, also my childhood home, was haunted by my deceased grandparents. even non-believers left our home believing. those jeans are fantabulous, BTW. take care.

  4. We had this conversation last night at a blogger meetup. Apparently you are not the only one.

  5. Pretty snakeskin jeans that your butt is too big for. Sorry about that.
    Maybe you can invite a friend over and make one of those ghosthunter videos, where everything is green and you keep saying 'what was that? I heard something'.

  6. Anonymous8:49 AM

    I now know that major appliance activity around me precedes clean clothes or a meatloaf.
    Your life is far more interesting than mine.
    I thought the stigma attached to seeing ghosts or UFO's was behind us but perhaps it is not, still, I would like to read your book someday.

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  8. And you can use the energy for good, when it isn't creeping you out.

  9. Yeah, "imaginary friends" when you are four or five years old are definitely something else. The other day, Five creeped me out when he told me "someone" was in the spare room.

    I was once known for my leather jeans, but now I am too fat for them. A curse on you, middle age spread!

  10. I believe you. Strange things have been happening to me lately, too, but GOOD strange, not she-dissolved-into-a-puddle-of-stinking-goo strange. When she was 2, my daughter used to talk to the pretty blonde lady who was up in the corner of her bedroom. My mother. Who had been dead for 5 years before she was born.

    And if you feel you just HAVE to tell someone, you have my number, and I have read the book. Well, one book of yours, anyway.

  11. Would you put an ending on that book so we can read it? Please?

  12. thenextmartha12:58 PM

    I hope you're living life to the fullest because you've got an army of protection around you. On a different note, I think those pants were recalled. Something about scaring small children.

  13. I am fascinated by ALL of this.

    I'm making a list as we speak of who I'll be haunting when I get the chance.

    In the DISTANT future. I hope.

  14. Suz,
    As I have told you before, every time we go anywhere in the R.V. my dead mother comes with us. I dream of her every night that I sleep in the R.V. It was her R.V. She wanted it so she and my dad could travel. Why I have no idea because all they did was bitch and complain at each other, but that is beside the point. Anyway the other night I had a dream that I heard moaning coming from the bedroom of the R.V. I thought my mother was in pain. I was anxious and slid open the pocket door to find the bed a mess and empty but turned to see my mother in her robe pouring coffee.

    I woke up the next morning wondering what the hell that was about and went to make up the bed. There on the floor next to the bed was a little bottle of KY Lube...I KID YOU NOT! I have never purchased this stuff, I didn't even know what it was. I asked Kahuna where it came from and he was as clueless as I was. Now I think my mother was in the R.V. doing the horizontal bop with someone. All I have to say is GOOD FOR HER!

  15. i see your bud's giving you the finger, so the ghosties are affecting her as well ;) lol

  16. How is it that I wasn't already following your blog?

    That's messed up.

    And, come to think of it, irrefutable evidence that I am possessed by a jackass.



  17. For real!? That's pretty cool, of course I'd be scared as shit of the scary/creepy stuff and would probably never sleep again.

  18. Well you know I believe you. I also have strange feelings, not electric or anything, when I think someone from the other side is visiting. More like they pop into my head for no reason at all and I think "why are you visiting me now grandma-I'm not ready to go with you!!"