Friday, September 21, 2007

The Rest Of Day One In NYC

After Ground Zero I wandered uptown.
The best modern architecture in the world is in New York City. Don't argue with me, I've been to a LOT of countries.
They're turning The Plaza into condos. I used to know where the ladies room was in this hotel. I would be in midtown and if I had to go, I would walk through it like Eloise, knowing every inch like the inside of my purse. And now it's having plastic surgery and as we all know, I'm FOR this in general but I wish they had just left well enough alone.
The C train roaring into the station on the West side. New York no longer uses tokens and now issues metro cards that you buy out of a machine. I spent about five minutes trying to work one until I flagged down a person and asked her to help me. The girl walked over and pushed the START button. I, bien sur, had done everything but push that button.
This is the view of the courtyard of MOMA. (Museum of Modern Art) I was almost killed by the entry price, 20 dollars. Our modern museum in LA, LACMA, charges 9 dollars and I was bitching about that. But MOMA's gift shop has got to be the best museum gift shop in the world, bar none. Seriously, I could have spent the entire time in there. I have a shopping problem, have I mentioned that?
Currently showing at MOMA.

Trump Tower under construction. Do you think that signage is big enough? Look at the size of the cars for contrast. Just remember this, the richer they are, the faster they come.
Harry Winston, comes in 6 seconds.

The Mother Ship
They have a guy spinning in the jeans department at Bloomingdale's.
I asked this cop why he was ticketing this artist. He wasn't, he was just writing down what time he went to lunch and discussing art with the painter.

End of chat.
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  1. surcie3:20 PM

    As soon as there's the tiniest hint of Fall in the air, I crave a visit to NYC. So--how pathetic is this?--I've been going to and playing with their new Street View feature which gives you street-level, 365-degree views of Manhattan. (It works for LA, too.)

  2. Anonymous6:44 PM

    That blonde sporting the sunglasses on the lower left of the billboard of the trump tower looks vaguely familiar. Did you photoshop yourself in specifically for the blog or are you and "the Donald" on the down-low? Just curious.

    Allen Enlow

  3. Hey Allen, if I was on the down low with Trump, it's doubtful I'd have to blog for a living...