Sunday, December 10, 2006

The Third Card Of Christmas

Joy Behar sent this card out one year, a photo of her and Richard Simmons who is either kissing her shoe or hiding from his boyfriend. Or her boyfriend. Or a decent hair care product. (The picture is crooked on the card so don't get all up in my face over my photo shopping skills which P.S. I don't have anyway)

Joy and I have been friends since we started doing standup in NY back in 1983 at Comedy U on University Place. One of the first jokes I wrote was: My first sexual encounter was a rape. Thank God he didn't press charges. Joy walked over to me after I did the joke and said, “Get rid of it, rape is not funny.”

"Joy, it makes me out to be the bad guy."
“Yeah, still not funny.”
“But I need this joke; I don’t have a lot of jokes.”
“And never going to be funny....”
“But I....”
“ anyone’s lifetime.”

I 86’d the joke.

Joy is as funny in person as she is on The View. Funnier actually because she’s got that ABC Daytime Kung Fu Death Grip on her comedy. If you get a chance to see her live, do.

End of chat.


  1. FUNNY! I wonder where my card is! Christmas cards?... I thought they were both Jewish? ~ jb///

  2. To quote Joy, "Everyone thinks I'm Jewish, one day I get a phone call, Happy Hannukah and I said, Ma, I'm not Jewish"

    Joy is Italian. Simmons, I have no idea.

  3. Joy is terrific. I TiVo her on the View. Lately, Rosie's been ribbing her about being grouchy/grim/gloomy. Jokingly calls her Aunt Lenoir, or something like that. I love the look on Joy's face when she thinks someone's an idiot. I think you ought to guest host, Suz. But they usually have black reporters do that.

  4. People always accuse me of the same grumpiness. Some comics work from a base of giddiness (Leno, Ro and Ellen) and some of us work from the dark side (Letterman, Joy and me)