Saturday, December 02, 2006


BIBs. Blank Idea Bloggers. They talk about what they had for lunch and ask you what they should buy at Wal-Mart. Write in your diary and spare me your tedium. Please. And every day? We need to hear from you every day? I don't even like getting mail every day, why would I need to hear from you with the same regularity, especially since you're not sending me checks. Seriously, give it a rest. Instead, do something you're really good at, like ironing.

So P.S. I'm sitting at the computer tonight at 3 a.m. and wanting music. My stereo 5 disc changer is not working so I had to resort to iTunes. But I got bored with those songs that I paid 99 cents for and had to turn on the pedometer. In an effort to stay fully stocked with useless crap I bought a pedometer that talks. It tells you how many calories you've burned, how many steps you've taken and it also plays FM radio. It's better than a boyfriend. Mainly because it can't see how many pounds you've gained. I mean lost.

My Sharona on FM radio. The song that reduces all other dance music to shame. And now I'm a BIB. Kill me, soon.

End of chat.


  1. I have probably BIBed before, but only out of desperation. (Aren't you amazed by the number of comments some BIBers get?) If I BIBed, I'd sure as heck have more to post about. I could post this this morning: "Just ate breakfast and my toast was a bit overcooked. Hmmm. What shall I wear today? I have one pair of clean jeans and three clean black t-shirts to choose from. Guess I'll be doing laundry." Yeah, that's interesting.

    I'm listening to Squeeze's "Tempted."

  2. I'm shocked by the amount of comments that BIB's get. I think we should start a BIBroll. Find the biggest abusers of the sport and list their asses.

  3. i heart you, BIB.

    I LOVE Squeeze!

    What are you girls watching tonight? I am furious because "Breaking Bonaduce" is not on, so I really have nothing left to live for.

  4. I forwarded your comment to my friend Louise McLoserstene, who is a huge Bondaduce fan. I am too but I never remember when it's on. Now I have to go download Squeeze. I'm watching nothing because everything is in reruns and there is no reason to live at all.

  5. Bondaduce? It's a combination of Bondage and Il Duce.

  6. I love both.

    Except the socialist murderous part, but you know what I mean.

  7. McLoserstern! HA!

    It could be worse. She could be watching "Flava of Love." Or even "Hogan Knows Best." Does anyone else remember when VH-1 was MTV's "adult contemporary music" sibling?

  8. Louise loves Flav. I just ran into Flav at the bodega down the street and made him take a picture with me. He was really nice and was so obliging. Unfortunately the picture had all this light on us so you can barely see us. But girl, you can see that clock.