Thursday, December 14, 2006

The Seventh Card Of Christmas

The Christmas card I received from the comedy team of Carl and Buzz reminded me of why I love comics. Nothing is too sacred to destroy. A laugh is a laugh is a laugh.

Carl Bradley and I met at a backer’s audition for a Broadway-bound show. He was not impressed with my limited knowledge of Sondheim and my inability to sing on key but he gave me a callback anyway. I had mentioned my Costco card in passing and I have a feeling that figured prominently in the callback but maybe I’m just paranoid.

A lot of people may recognize Buzz Belmondo from his eight years on Out of This World and two years on Baywatch. You gotta love someone who goes by the name Buzz.

These two funny guys decided to combine their considerable talents and start over as a comedy duo which of course I found highly suspicious. What’s next, a run at the White House? Although a bitter ex-network executive and a comic from the Philippines would probably do a terrific job since they’re already used to being laughed at.

I once called Carl and said I was thinking of doing a one-woman show about my pretend funeral. I thought I could lie in a casket onstage and then have people get up and speak about me. I thought it might be a little out there and asked Carl what he thought. He loved the idea and sent me a detailed two-page email with his suggestions and a note, ‘As long as you don’t sing.’ See why I love comedians?

End of chat.


  1. Brad Slaight11:14 AM

    I met Carl Bradley back when he was working at UPN...I'm not sure but I think he single handedly killed that network. Never heard the backer's audition story before but I'll be sure to ask him about it when Ihave lunch with him next week. Of course I'll pick up the check, as usual. Network they ever pay?

    Very funny blogsite, Suzy. You should win an award for it!

    Brad Slaight

  2. Jennifer12:10 PM

    This site is one of the funniest blogsites I've ever seen. OMG, thanks Carl for sending me over here. All the Xmas cards are great. Can't wait to see the rest.

    Jennifer G.

  3. Anonymous4:02 PM


    It wasn't that I thought you couldn't sing, it was that your choice of audition pieces for a Sondheim musical...I mean, did you really think your tribute to Janis Joplin would seal the deal? Maybe for Hair, but not A Little Night Music.

    You blog the best.

    Carl Bradley

  4. Anonymous1:34 PM

    We have a saying in the Philippines. "If it's not broken, take credit for it." If you like the card, "Thank you very much, you're too kind." If you didn't like it, I put the blame on the sick bastard, Carl Bradley!

    We love your blog.

    Anonmyously yours,
    Buzz Belmondo