Friday, December 08, 2006

The First Card Of Christmas

I have some insanely creative and inventive friends. These are a sampling of their Christmas cards from the last few years. They are not your average holiday fare, no families dressed up in sparkly, matching sweaters sitting beside a Christmas tree petting the puppy. And no, that is not a euphemism.

One a day for 12 days.

This is a picture of my friend Alan Purcell and RuPaul, who I’m totally obsessed with. Alan is a fashion photographer who has worked New York, San Francisco, South Beach and now calls Hollywood Home Sweet Hell. (He took one of my all time favorite pictures of me which I use on the IMDb website.) This photo was taken at the end of a shoot with RuPaul, and Alan, who also shot it, used it as his Christmas card that year.

Sidebar: I have stared at pictures of RuPaul for Hours. Days. Years. The makeup, those legs, the wigs. I’ve seen Ru in his regular boy clothes in photos and movies and I just want to scream, No Girl, put that skirt back on and let’s curl some eyelashes. End of chat.


  1. STOP IT NOW! I adore, ADORE RuPaul. My life needs some transvestites.

  2. Every life needs a few transvestites. Where can we get some?

  3. Anonymous11:45 AM

    Hi Suzy ,

    I first met RuPaul in the late 90's when I sold memberships for the Sports Club LA in West Los Angeles. Ru and I met standing in line together in the club cafeteria , and although I immediately sensed that he was special, I had no idea who this man was. RuPaul and I bonded that day, and I was blessed with a three hours sharing about life, God, childhood, relationships, ect.
    RuPaul was kind and genuine, and one of the most loving, heartfelt, spiritual men I've ever met. Ru was bi-costal at the time, but he promised that when he was in town he would stop by my office to give me a hug. RuPaul kept his promise, and we continued to share many deep and insightful conversations throughout the years to follow.
    The man behind the woman, is even more beautiful than the woman he created. You are very insightful to love RuPaul--they just don't get any better!