Sunday, July 29, 2012

Giving Away Ganesh

This little statue of Ganesh is 3 inches high. I should say WAS 3 inches high because I gave him away. I bought him in the lobby of the Best Western in Mumbai, India in 2006 and have kept him in my car since then. Ganesh is a Hindu God known for *removing obstacles* and seeing him riding in my ashtray always made me feel safe. Whenever I had my car washed I put him in my purse until I got my car back. He was made of wood and garishly painted, probably cost me about 35 rupees. Tops. At the time 110 rupees was worth $1.10. Life in India is cheap, even in the gift shops.

I took this picture of him and then gave him to Mimi's daughter when Mimi lay dying in the hospital. At that point I felt so helpless it was all I could do.

I drove home from Santa Monica the weekend of July 9th as Mimi was being prepared for organ donation. In West Hollywood I was rear-ended by a car. No one was hurt so I let the young driver off the hook since my car had minimal damage. It's a 1998 Ford so I didn't think an extra ding on the bumper was going to bring down its current Blue Book value of $8.96.

I went to Mimi's memorial last Monday, the 23rd. I changed from the pair of Keen's I normally wear, unattractive, backless scary looking shoes I bought after my ankle surgery four years ago, to a pair of lovely Steve Madden pony skin loafers. Flats!! I drove to Santa Monica, about forty five minutes away, walked the five minutes from the garage to the memorial site, sat for two hours, walked back to my car, drove home.

The next morning I woke up and my right foot hurt. The right foot that was cut to bits by Dr. Cruel and his house of pain back in 2008.

Don't fuck with my foot because my foot's hardware can kick your foot's ass:

I went to Urgent Care over the weekend and I have a stress fracture on my 3rd distal, the bony part of the foot's skeleton that connects my third toe to the rest of my foot. I'm in a black walking boot, no pony skin. Definitely not Chanel.

Which brings me back to Ganesh. When I gave him away I had a few twinges of Uh-oh, Ganesh Is Gone. Will I be safe or more importantly will I FEEL safe? I dismissed the thoughts immediately because I know how powerful thoughts are.

Thoughts become things. BE CAREFUL WHAT YOU THINK.

I hope Ganesh wasn't paying me back for riding in my ashtray all those years.


  1. If thoughts became things, I would have a cook and a laundress by now. Also? Matt Damon would be begging me to leave my husband and run away with him.

  2. Suburban? THINK HARDER!!

  3. Somewhere Ganesh is laughing. Evily... *sad*

  4. and also... in a darkened alley, Spellcheck and a Dictionary are also laughing. Evilly

  5. Kimberly, you have to admit that the double L is a sign of the devil. My nightmare is Cancelling/Canceling.

  6. Panicking/panicing. I wonder if you'll find a new Ganesh?

  7. I lost a job yesterday and that was it! I ordered another Ganesh off Amazon.

  8. I was a surgery scheduler for two foot & ankle surgeons for 14 years. I've seen lots of hardware. That is a seriously impressive x-ray.

    Glad you ordered another Ganesh.

  9. Maybe I should take my x-ray with me when I go to parties. It being so impressive and all. Also, I could probably scare little kids with it.

  10. It was very kind of you to give Ganesh to Mimi's daughter.


  11. Oh my gosh, not a foot.

    We walk, we move, we need to use our feet.

    And yes: yes to our thoughts. How they are US more than our bodies are.

    I am so sad about Mimi. How sad.

    Our neighbor passed away last November, only 47, after a short 4 month battle with lymphoma. She left behind a 9 and 11 yr old.

    I can't imagine what life is like in that house.

    Get your self a new Ganesh, and some Ganache, while you're at it. How can you lose??

  12. Do you set off the scanners in airports? (I know, just your magnetic personnality)

  13. I'm with The Empress... get some Ganache!

    Wow, that is a lot of hardware.

    Maybe you can bedazzle the boot.

    I think I better order a Ganesh too.

  14. You are so Los Angeles. You crack me up with your superstitious hocus pocus crystal rubbing power of positive thinking. You really do.

    (Sorry about your foot.)

  15. "Thoughts are things" yup, heard that b4.