Friday, October 17, 2008

It's Everyone Can Bite Me Friday!

It's official, I've hit the blog wall. Both writing and reading. Sometimes I don't read for a day or two and find some blogs have 12 posts! I wish I had that much to talk about. And due to said wall, I'm not reading the really long ones because I have TV to watch and naps to take and WAY too much writing on my own end. Which reminds me, my memoir is continuing over at scrivel. It's a little out there for some people but paranormal activities do happen to me and I really suck at love so it's not dull.

McLoserstene went to Australia to see her boyfriend Mike the I Heart The Cock guy. Then they both come back and get to stop off in Fiji for 4 hours. Maybe that's why I've hit the wall, I miss traveling and seeing the world. It really is the best part of my life, to see other cultures and appreciate the beauty of something other than Disneyland. I'm dying to go on safari in South Africa and see China. I think it's time to look into marrying for money.

God, Oprah is a tool. I first heard of the uproar on her message boards a few weeks ago because she wouldn't have Sarah Palin on as a guest. But it's her show, her rules and she didn't owe her audience anything. But the comments mostly pointed to her hypocrisy in pushing the woman's agenda for the last 20 years and the fact that her show and magazines are all about empowering women and how she's used her female fan base to build her empire. And she endorses a man over a woman for President.

Yesterday Oprah had on Gloria Steinem and Billie Jean King and she kissed both their asses for getting women ahead in the world. The Williams' sisters said that thanks to Billie and Title 9, women finally got paid as much money as men at Wimbledon. 40 years ago winner Billie Jean got 37% to the male winner's 100% pay. It was probably my imagination but at certain times in the show Oprah's face seemed to register what her fan base was saying. It was not irony. More like she understood her own bullshit, that women at the top translate to better conditions and jobs for us all. I think she's doing the same thing for her race and if Obama wins, I hope that comes true as we have treated black people like shit for way too long in this country.

I do wish mothers will tell their daughters about these remarkable women and how without them we might still be referred to as a secretary or homemaker or 'the little woman.' Or watch the antediluvian Mad Men on AMC, which sadly chronicles how low women were in the workplace in the 1960's. And men owe Steinem big time. Because of her equality platform, it's not considered a bad thing to be a SAHF anymore.

And don't forget my Friday edition of Uproarious. Talk about the Way Back Machine!!

End of chat.


  1. Anonymous2:08 PM

    Love your stuff. Love the memoir. Re today's post, I have every confidence that you, Suzy Soro, can marry wealth and be a feminist. If anyone can do it, kiddo, it's you.
    Martha Jane
    P.S. If I encounter any billionaires on the beach at Waikiki, I'll direct them your way. (I am happy being a single old woman with two cats. I don't want anyone else in my apartment.)

  2. "And she endorses a man over a woman for President."

    No, she endorses an intelligent, strong man over an insane, right wing nut-job who just happens to be missing a cock. Bit of a difference.

    Boss O xxxx

  3. I hope that in my home my kids have learned equality between women and men. It will only be through history that they will learn the truth.

  4. I had a whole rant on this but I'm just going to say this. What Prinny said.

  5. Is Oprah trying to turn into The View?? What's with her Friday show? I don't watch it but they had it on in our office.

  6. Jenn and Prin return Immediately to the 7th grade for reading comprehension. Oprah supported Obama over HILLARY.

    Embarrassed much? I think everyone else got it, no?

  7. Not much embarrassed, I actually like Obama better than Hillary. Just cause she's got a flange does not put her at the top of the ticket for moi. And nor should it for any one else.

    Prinn, Reading at a 7th Grade Level since '87 xxxx

  8. I had to explain to Prinn that she was taking about Palin, not Hillary, who she accused of being a right winger!! That's when I realized she hadn't read the post right.

    She also lives in Australia and eats vegemite so there you have it.

  9. Okay, I'm a little confused here. Are you saying Oprah should have endorsed the Republican ticket simply because there is a woman on it? Voting for a woman based on her gender rather than her abilities and her qualifications is what would be demeaning to women, in my opinion.

    And are you saying Oprah is backing Obama only because he is African-American? Is that true? I haven't really been following the issue.

  10. I thought Hillary was a better candidate, since she actually has a Senate record. But I'm more moderate than lefty. Please everyone, don't send your minions out to kill the moderate.

    Maybe Obama is attractive to Oprah because the whole "Hope" and "Change" thing meshes well with her "Finding Your Spirit" and "Living Your Best Life" thing.

    Again, please don't kill me people. Everyone's pretty touchy these days about politics.