Monday, January 29, 2007

I Wonder

I wonder why Sodoku is so popular.
I wonder why most people are terrible at math.
I wonder why no one reads anymore.
I wonder why more books are being published than ever before.
I wonder why my parents made me eat lima beans.
I wonder why you never see anyone eat lima beans.
I wonder why Donald Trump thinks his hair looks good.
I wonder how much he pays his wife to agree with him.
I wonder why 82% of the population can’t find Wyoming on a map.
I wonder if that’s why only 493,782 people live there.
I wonder why women are obsessed with shoes.
I wonder why men aren’t.
I wonder why we’re on the planet Earth.
I wonder if anyone from Neptune knows we’re here.
I wonder why all of my ex-boyfriends are idiots.
I wonder if that makes me an idiot for going out with them.
I wonder if Woody Allen knows his therapy didn’t work.
I wonder if any of the therapy I had worked.
I wonder how I’m going to meet kinder women and smarter men.
I wonder how I’m going to meet smarter women and kinder men.
I wonder if Conan O’Brien knows he’s not funny.
I wonder if David Letterman knows he is.
I wonder why Jay Leno is still on the air.
I wonder why we elected the dumber of the two Bushes twice.
I wonder why we elected either of them once.
I wonder why we’re still in Iraq.
I wonder if this is the End of chat.


  1. Makes you wonder. Donald Trumps hair? Wig more like.

  2. I wonder why you can't live next door, so we could wonder together.

  3. Late comment. I wish I had more time to wonder about all of these things. I have in the past wondered if Conan really thinks a masterbating bear in a diaper or Abe Vigoda making out with Chubaka is really funny. I think its just creepy. Well, a little funny but mostly creepy.

  4. You know how women love guys with a sense of humor? Well, I'm sure Conan is a nice guy and has a lovely wife, but LORD that boy is so unattractive that nothing would make me want to have sex with him. ON ANY PLANET FOR ANY REASON. Having a sense of humor as a pre-requisite only applies to guys who you want to go to bed with.

  5. Your last few statements? I wonder the same things ...(PS: I've never had the slightest inclination to do Sodoku.)