Monday, July 15, 2013

The Winner Of My Book IS:

The winner of the Kindle copy of my book, Celebrity sTalker is Terri! I've spent all weekend trying to load the Random Picker Thingy graphic but when I do, then BLOGGER won't let me type in the Typing Box Thingy. There were 10 names eligible for the drawing. Everyone else had already bought the book or read it and one person entered two comments. So I entered 10 names starting with 1 and the Random Picker Thingy chose number 5. Congratulations Terri! Go to hell, Blogger!


  1. As I typed the above, BLOGGER wouldn't let me separate the paragraphs, which as we all know is kind of important in writing.

    Maybe they're paying me back for hardly blogging any more.

    Anyway, writing my second book, "All The Bad Sex I've Had: A Very, Very, VERY Long Book." Due September 2013. Although I am a procrastinator....

  2. I love your book. Congratulations to Terri. I could write a very long book about bad sex in a lousy marriage. If you need any extra details about rotten sex, then I'm the person to ask. No. Never mind. TMI.


  3. Blogger bites. I read your book a couple month ago -- think I probably told you that. So I'll just reiterate, LOVED it!

  4. Yea Terri!!! (why didn't you buy this already?)

  5. Thanks!! I'm very happily reading it right now. I have no idea why I waited so long to buy it but I guess it worked out okay anyway.

  6. Honestly, anyone that reads this book is a winner.

    1. Thanks Chris. (I almost put a T at the end of your name)

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