Monday, March 04, 2013

How To Go Insane

You start a blog.
Then you put a Followers widget on your blog.
Now you care about how many followers you have.

Then you start a Tumblr.
See above.

Then you join Twitter.
Now you care about how many followers you have.

Then you discover Favstar.
Now you care about how many stars you get.

Then you join Google Plus.
Now you care about how many circles you're in.

Then you join Facebook.
Now you care about how many Likes you have. (not really because hi it's Facebook)

Then you write a book.
Now you care about how many Amazon reviews you have.

Then you join Goodreads.
Now you care about how many friends you have.

I envy the Masai. Pretty sure they're not on social media.

Lucky bastards.


  1. :) I used to worry - now I don't login to that +k thing anymore.

  2. I must be feeling guilty about never writing that Amazon review - you were haunting my dreams two nights ago.

  3. And, I'm so grateful that you left a whole of sites out!! It's just crazy!

  4. Yup.

    And don't forget about Pinterest. People will say "I've gotten 2,000 repins from my naked baby butt picture!"

  5. I have a headache.


  6. May I suggest "mr.unfollowr" on Twitter? You'll get an email that tells you the name of everyone that unfollowed you that week, so you are free to obsess about the reasons why and/or plot your revenge-- it's a whole 'nother level of internet insecurity! I highly recommend it!

  7. Hey Babybloomr, WAY ahead of you. It's called or

  8. Suzy Q, I got a linkedin. Since then, I've done nothing but worry about how many clients I've got. :(

  9. You're probably the kind of person that goes up on a stage and counts the empty seats. Or full ones, whichever.

  10. -->I have Pinterest, LinkedIn and Lord knows what else I've signed up for over the years. I did triumphantly delete Google+ the other day.

  11. Came over to your blog from Janie Junebug's. If Janieola says you're great, you must be great. Loved what I've read so far. Much luck with your book!

  12. My cell phone has a rotary dial and doesn't take photos. I go to facebook to play the stupid games. But let me get a new reader at my blog and I get paranoid, hoping I don't piss them off and lose them.

    Now, I have a book set to arrive at my doorstep. . . since I'm the author, I get a free one, and I'm wondering how long it will take to make back my initial investment.

    And to think, I used to just knit one, purl two, and call it a day.