Thursday, February 16, 2012

May We All Dress This Fabulously When We're Older

UPDATE: The lady in the red and black dress with matching red and black hat, Zelda Kaplan, died yesterday. She was 95. We should all look so good when we go...

I'm crazy mad for this film. Courtesy of Advanced Style.

"I'm between 50 and death."

"Up until 80 you lie, after 80 you brag."


  1. I love the pure confidence they show. It's that confidence that only comes through age and life experience. Awesome.

  2. I want to be this.

    Please, God, let me be this.

    Thank you, Suzy...I loved it.

  3. Anonymous11:52 PM

    I may be biased but I am pretty sure these are all NYC residents with money which is why they have not been put away by their children.
    Individual style has more than once been grounds for insanity.
    As Little Edie said " You can be arrested for walking down main street in red shoes."
    BTW, I am following you on Twitter, yes I caved, but I have not twarted yet myself, I have nothing urgent to say.
    X David

  4. Gorgeous - makes me want to move to New York