Saturday, December 24, 2011

More Old Stuff

I found this picture among my Dad's things after he died. I'd never seen it before and instantly fell in love with it. The glasses! The dresses! I picture them sitting on that custom made couch or in those theatre seats in my last post. The bride's name was Betty but I have no idea what the names of the bridesmaids were. Are they all still alive? Did they have happy lives?


  1. My mother had similar glasses and hairstyle. I have no wedding pictures of her. She got married in a college chapel in a suit. Either there were no pictures taken or she destroyed them all during the bitter divorce.

  2. Such beautiful dresses. I love old photos. I have a photo of my dad in his aviator's cap during World War II. He was a flight instructor in the Army Air Corps, which became the Air Force of course.


  3. neat...

    have a gooder, suzy! :D

  4. The jacket is interesting too

  5. I miss old pictures.

    We had a trunkful of them FULL.

    And after my grandmother died, my aunt came over (she had her own house key) and took the trunk.

    She refused to return it, and my mother quit speaking to her sister over it.

    My mom's sister died, without having a word exchanged between her and my mother since 1989.

  6. I love how casual she is about the veil.

  7. Anonymous12:51 AM

    A very Diane Arbus image. I suspect the scalloped edged bridal gown was from the house of "Ed", son of Edith Head, looks like the bridesmaids ran up their own, still, a beautiful image.
    X David