Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Another Ridiculous Thing I Did For A Guy

Going through the two million things I own and have to pack has rocketed me back to some memories that make me groan. For example, the disappearance of Book Four in the Basic Reader series of children's books that belonged to my father's family.

It happened while I was living in NY and dating The Doctor. When we met I had just moved to NY from Paris and was on Food Stamps. He thought that was hilarious. The girl from Paris was on Food Stamps.

I kept the books on a table in my living room and one night he saw them and said he had them in his family too. They brought back so many memories for him. He was elated to see them again.

That cliche about what do you get someone who has everything really applied to The Doctor.

I mean, the guy had his own plane.

Sidebar: He once flew me back from New Orleans during a storm while I drank Jack Daniels straight from the bottle in the back of the plane. I was drinking the Jack not because I was afraid of the storm, I was eventually too shitfaced to be scared, but because I overheard him tell the copilot that not only was I a girlfriend BUT YOU SHOULD SEE THE PICTURE OF HIS OTHER GIRLFRIEND.

He also had a chauffeured stretch Mercedes and a 10 room apartment on Park Avenue. His shirts were all bespoke, his shoes and belts were always Gucci and he favored Armani.

So for his birthday I gave him Book Four.  I thought I'd come up with the perfect gift for him. And I was right. He loved it. Gushed over my thoughtfulness, my generosity, my creativity.

The Doctor and I went out for three years. After we broke up BECAUSE SOMEONE COULDN'T STOP CHEATING ON ME, we remained friends and a year or so later I asked him whether he still had Book Four.

"Book Four of what?"
"The books that were in your family, my family, you know, those children's books."
"Sorry, no idea what you're talking about."

That was a frequent theme in our relationship.


  1. doctors are the worst. mine bit me...and not in a good way. left a mark on my arm that lasted for months. she was pissed at me because the married guy she was seeing didn't show up to spend the week-end like he was supposed to. I know. go figure.

  2. Suzy, I'm in that club.

    Stupid things you do for guys.


    I was just thinking about that this morning...I usually do when it's gray and cloudy out.


  3. The good thing is, due to the magic of Ebay, you can find a replacement Book Four (and pick up Books Five and Six) for a very reasonable price, should you desire to do so.

  4. I have some similar books from my grandmother--there is just something about them.

    Yep, he's a jerk.

  5. Book 4 deserved more than that.

  6. What a douche!

    We all do stupid things for men...

  7. What a fucktard. The doctor. Not you. Not today, anyway.

  8. jack makes for strange bedfellows...

  9. Oh, the dumb things I have done.

    I really want to punch that guy for you.