Monday, October 16, 2006

Who's Your Favorite Midget?

I was watching the end of the Megan Mullally show and by end I mean just for that day, sadly not for all time. She has many talents but hosting a talk show doesn’t appear to be one of them.

A. Megan held an audience dance contest. There were four contestants, three women in their late 20’s to early 30’s and one woman who was 61. The three younger women were great; the 61 year old looked like she was having an epileptic fit. Who won?

B. A year ago my family and I were on a cruise to Hawaii. There was a dance contest in one of the lounges so we went to watch. It was three men dancing first, then 3 women dancing last. There was one hot guy, one average looking guy and one chubby guy. The hot guy and the average guy were great dancers and the chubby guy couldn’t dance at all. Who won?

C. Then the women danced. There was one hot girl, one average looking girl and one chubby girl. The hot girl spent all of her time dancing in the audience, having not understood the complicated request to dance on the stage. The average girl was the best dancer and the chubby girl couldn’t dance at all. Who won?

A. Old woman
B. Chubby guy
C. Hot girl

A. We feel sorry for old people, but not sorry enough to hire them
B. Chubby men get more sympathy than chubby women
C. Hot girls win no matter how stupid they are
D. Duh
E. End of chat


  1. Judgmental....or astute?

  2. Right on. And I so agree with you on Ms. Megan's show. I enjoyed her on W&G, but the talk show is painful to watch.

  3. But wait, fat people are funny! Isn't that a rule? And by fat people I mean, obviously, fat MEN. Fat women are just to be pitied - not voted for - heavens no. Put the fat ladies on a diet and cheer for the fat men!

    That was a good one. I don't think we needed the answers though.

  4. I knew I'd love this entry after reading the title. And I'd have to say my favorite midget is the woman in the pink gown. I like her headband.

  5. Totally unrelated but. . .Is it just me, or does the most obnoxious personality and worst dresser win Project Runway every time? Jeffrey. Ptooey!

  6. I'm with you kiddo. I'm wondering if they didn't assume that once you're a big time designer you don't sew your own clothes anyway. Can you see Valentino sewing his own seams? When you read the fine print at the end of all these reality shows, you see that the producers have a hand in who wins. Maybe the jackass always wins?