Thursday, October 17, 2013

You Bought WHAT?

Sometimes I open up closets or drawers and see something I no longer use. Usually because it didn't work, I couldn't return it, or I just didn't have the heart to throw it away or donate it. Because it cost money and I felt bad that I wasted that money.

I don't know what I'm waiting for because it's doubtful the item is going to miraculously start working or my body is going to spontaneously revert back to a Size 2. (Is it, God? Because I'll wait if that's in my future. TIA.)

I'm convinced everyone has one or two of these purchasing disasters sitting in their home.

My main disaster is a wireless mouse. Granted, I bought it off EBay and it was very cheap, $6.25, and I should have known better. But at the time I could no longer function with a mouse CORD. Oh my God, the problems I have.

From the moment it arrived there was trouble. It came with a USB 2.0 port and it was rumored to be inside the actual mouse. I was never good at Hide and Seek but seriously, INSIDE the mouse? Do you want me to kill myself?

So I entered into an email exchange with the sellers of this item, NOT pictured below. (That one is by Logitech and looks hale and hearty and blue! Mine is a CPI, which probably stands for CAN'T POSSIBLY iWORK and is cheap, black, and made out of Chinese plastic.) Our emails were like the Hunt for Red October, wherein the USB port is the submarine and I'm Jack Ryan. The poor guy on the other end of our correspondence, if you can call begging a type of correspondence, must have thought I was born without a brain. If there's a Nobel in Patience, I nominate that guy.

Then I finally found it, set it up and it didn't work. It has never worked. So Mr. Mouse sits in a drawer making me feel bad. And yes I know no one can make you feel bad and that you do that by yourself but IT MAKES ME FEEL BAD.

What's your shopping disaster?


  1. Kitchen gadgets. Why on earth did I buy a Sur le Table avocado slicer when an knife works perfectly well. And the light-up electric pepper grinder that ate batteries faster than it ground pepper.

  2. I KNEW I couldn't be the only one! I also have an avocado thingie that is supposed to scoop out the goods because you know, spoons are so 1800s. p.s. I never use it.

  3. Among other things, I donate a lot of stuff to Goodwill that still has labels attached!!

  4. It's always clothes purchased online. I get them and they don't *quite* fit, but then I think maybe I'll lose a little weight and it'll be better. Eventually it turns out the item just looks weird no matter what and by then it's too late to send it back. This happens way too often.

  5. fishducky, send me the address of your Goodwill so I can start shopping there.

    And Average Jane, I only did that once. Two dresses, same dress, same size, different colors. One never fit. I eventually donated it to a women's shelter because it was either that or rip it to shreds with my bare hands.

  6. I love bracelets. I bought two really cool (I thought) cuff bracelets on, which was the only time I ever shopped there. Those bracelets are so big they just fall off my arms, and I'm not a size two anymore either.


  7. Oh Janie, I've done that after trying ON the bracelets in the store. I must shop with my eyes closed.

  8. My list is miles long.
    Bosu ball
    Gigantic light bulb that does not fit any fixture
    Fancy microphone for Mac
    Rechargeable battery charger that doesn't charge batteries very well
    Various clothing items
    Uncomfortable shoes
    Rice cooker
    Antique dinnerware
    Fancy measuring cup thing
    Brita filter pitcher
    I could go on

  9. I wish there was a prize I could hand out for the best thing someone bought and never used because SueBob would win with KAYAK FOR THE LOVE OF GOD!

  10. Oh Lord, the Juicer. GIGANTIC PITA to clean.

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  12. My mother must have purchased every single "As seen on TV" there was when she went to CVS pharmacy. Sweet thing...

  13. Since I work with computers all day there are dozens of things (and quite a few mice) sitting in my closet, most with drivers for Windows 3.1 or something equally lame.

  14. Joe, I feel better about my mouse! And Alexandra, my Dad favored those catalogs, can't think of the names of them off hand, but he grew up poor so he likes to buy the inexpensive stuff because he always thought he was still poor. Even tho he wasn't!

  15. I have a selective memory. My closets, however, do not.

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  19. A steamer. I was SO excited to get this thing. The fact that I REFUSE to iron should have been the first clue as to how often I would use it! I mean, we're talking prefer to wash the clothes over just to either hang them to dry to remove wrinkles or stick it in the dryer aversion to ironing!

    I used it once. It's been sitting in a closet greeting me for 3 years. Right next to the monkey slippers that make my feet too hot, but I love them too much to give them to somebody who would benefit from them.

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