Monday, September 22, 2008

The Emmy's Just Keep Getting Worse

Bang Bang Bang Bang Bang Bang Bang Bang Bang Bang Bang Bang Bang Bang Bang Bang Bang Bang Bang Bang Bang. That's me shooting my 21 neighbors during the 60th broadcast of the Emmy Awards.

Oprah opening the show? I'm sorry but isn't she on TV enough?

I gained new respect for Jimmy Kimmel for trying to warn the 5 reality show hosts that their opening sketch wasn't going to work. I'd rather watch an hour of Umaaaa, Opraaaah than watch those suicide bombers again.

JOSH GROBAN SINGS THE EMMY'S? Are you fucking kidding me? What's the average age of the Emmy viewer? Dead?

Mad Men, a show about the 60's before the 60's became cool. I gave this show a shot and watched this season but preferred Swingtown when the 70's were about bad clothes and sleeping with your neighbors and uh, you know, interesting.

The Amazing Race. 6 consecutive wins? Ridiculous.

Please stop thanking your children for your win. Unless they gave you the idea, wrote the piece or helped you with the direction, shut the fuck up. The guy who thanked his NEWBORN needs to move into my building so I can shoot him too.

Mary Tyler Moore. Three words. Upper arm workout.

The dresses? Nicollette Sheridan, Julia Louis-Dreyfus, Hargitay. All the rest looked tragically boring although I liked Kathy Griffin's dress and 2 pounds of hair extensions. Not sure any of the women scored a Chanel or a Valentino. I think there was only one Armani and at least one Oscar de a Renta; all the rest were Blah Blah and Who Cares. I'm such a Gown Snob.

Funniest moments of the night, Ricky Gervais and Don Rickles. Neither of them gives a shit, how glorious is that in a town like Hollywood?

Most gratifying moment, Tommy Smothers getting his 1968 Emmy for writing.

Last year's Emmy Awards was the second lowest watched Emmy's ever. I'm guessing until last night. All in all, one of the worst Awards shows ever.

End of chat.


  1. I didn't watch...I had to wax my left nostril or something.

    It's really difficult to get into these shows - they never award the programs I watch, and I haven't heard of most of the ones that are what's the point?

    I suppose if I were in the industry, it would be different.

    I like your synopsis better.

    Shade and Sweetwater,

  2. k, a lot of people agree w u. A post AOL poll asked people 2 vote on whether they'd now watch 30 Rock or Mad Men since they were big winners and 70% said no.

  3. I never heard of Mad Men but I have heard of Swingtown. I haven't watched either. Well, you know I am still catching up on the 90's TV shows. I know I am such a nerd.

  4. Suzy: Agreed on Mary Tyler Moore. I didn't hear a friggin thing she said because I was wondering how my 94 year old grandmother who has bed sores could have sexier arms.

    disagree on Mad Men. Much like The Sopranos, it is a show you have to follow because the plot nuances are woven in and out throughout. that said, I can see catching one or two episodes in a silo wouldn't excite the viewer.

    Breaking Bad is really a creative unique show too. Was happy to see the actor win the best actor emmy.

  5. tommy, I watched all this season, acting is great, sets r great, love the theme song, it's just sloooooow. Swingtown was terrific. Ditto Hopkins.

  6. At a certain age, no workout can save some women's upper arms. Sad, but true.

  7. I don't even watch awards shows anymore. I wait until afterward to hear about the highlights and if there are any nipple slips I'll look it up on YouTube. Nothing I've heard from last night's show grabbed my attention enough.

    As for Mad Men, I've heard recommendations from a few people so I'll probably check it out. As for 30 Rock, I think it's decent but totally over-hyped. The Office and Weeds are MUCH funnier, though I do think Baldwin's award is well-deserved. And since The Amazing Race is probably the only reality show I'm not embarrassed to admit I watch, I'm happy for its win.

  8. i actually looked forward to the five hosts... thought they'd be fun together but i guess they're no comedians, huh?

    i actually like mad men. it's my six feet under replacement. don't get the outstanding actor award, though.

  9. Jenee, u dont watch Project Runway? I acually got all the winners online be4 the show was half over.

    LC, Mad Men is very popular, it's just a little too talking heads (and not in a David Byrne way) for me. I like more action and more weird shit.

  10. How disinterested am I in award shows now? I didn't know it was on until today.

    I usually watch the red carpet and that's it but I completely missed it.

  11. The Emmys were on? Missed that, which apparently is a great thing.

  12. We stared to watch the Emmy's but the opening was so painful we just turned that shit right off. My husband gets embarrassed for people so bad that he can't watch. I had to agree with him this time. Too embarrassing to watch.

  13. Well sure, Suzy, all that's true, but DID YOU LIKE the show, that's the question! Ha ha. I love how you tell it like it is!

  14. I don't begrudge MTM her saggy upper arms--for goodness sake, she's a "mature" woman. Why oh why though do you go with the sleeveless?

    She needs to get some fashion advice from Helen Mirren.

  15. "The guy who thanked his NEWBORN needs to move into my building so I can shoot him too."

    You mean you shoot everyone in your building?

    You think those Emmy's were boring? Have you been to the Creative Arts version the week before. Holy freaking heck, but I did get a blog out of it. And as far as half my readers seem to think, an Emmy as well.

  16. Great recap.
    "What's the average age of the Emmy viewer? Dead?"