Tuesday, August 07, 2012

L.A. Sign Of The Times #103

Target shopping carts docking at the Mother Ship.


  1. It's a cart convention!

  2. It's a convention of carts!
    How is your foot?
    Steve Madden has cute shoes but they are brutal. I gave mine to my sister, who is much younger than I.

  3. Looked through tweets and saw you broke your top foot bones....how are you? This happened to Alec, he jumped off a slide a weird way when he was 4, and the top long bone cracked. Is this what you were doing?

    Wore a tight, heavy shoe for 6 wks. How are you????

  4. Shopping carts? I thought those were Homeless Household Transport Vehicles.

    How IS the foot? Inquiring minds want to know! Also those of us who love you.

  5. Glad some made it home, most congregate in my neighborhood at the bus stop near Target, or in front of the cheap apartment complex.